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about productive by you.

Back in 2019, a dear friend of mine was struggling and attempted to take her own life. At the hospital we were coming up with different ideas and activities that would take her mind off things and cheer her up. We both then landed on the idea of embroidery. It was a mindful activity and we both love making beautiful things.

A little while after, I was inspired to make embroidery kits to teach and introduce everyone, whether you have prior skills or none, to embroidery. I also did not want people to associate embroidery with old people grandma activity with classical flower patterns. I wanted to show people it was more than that, it is also modern fiber art.

This is when productive by you was born. I wanted people to stay productive and want them to be able to say that "I made that". It is art by you! And who would have thought, just as soon as my first few kits were assembled, Covid-19 hit and lockdown happened. It was the perfect activity to unleash your inner creative and stay mindful and productive!

Stay safe! Stay productive!

❤ Shelda



13 11 14 (Australia)
1800 273 8255 (United States)

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